Thank you for visiting my blog, Oaks to Acorns.

About the blog: Only the luckier acorns evolve into oaks, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps the phrase, Acorns to Oaks, better suits the natural order of things. As far as I know, the opposite never happens; oaks don’t evolve into acorns. So, what’s with the title, right?

Well. The best I can do is ask you to imagine an oak. (Are you with me? OK.) Now, try to imagine its humble beginnings – the essential acorn. (Now now. Let’s not get all chicken-or-egg about this. Just focus on the acorn, please.)

When I write and rewrite and rewrite, I spend what feels like infinity to get to the essential – the acorn. But when I nail it, I find I’ve gone from an oak (something huge) to a simple acorn (something manageable, like the one you can stop picturing now). It’s lovely to be able to put something vast into a nice neat shell once in a while — a way of reconciling worlds.

Now. If that makes no sense, there is another reason, previously mentioned: luck. One of the first poems I had published was based on Acorns and, ever since, I consider it good luck to have one in my pocket or on my desk. Whenever I fiddle with an acorn, it reminds me of the big picture, the oaks, and what’s truly essential, the acorn. It’s all good. So there.

If you’d really like to hear more about my thoughts on poetry, I was interviewed by The Woolf, June 1, 2018.

About me: In very short, I was born and raised in New England, studied and taught in many places before immigrating from China to Switzerland in 1996 where I remain with my husband, a watchmaker, and two grown children.

Some writing cred: My writing has appeared in Necessary Fiction, Rock & Sling, Offshoots, Everyday Haiku: An Anthology, The Society of Classical Poets Journal 2017, and in various magazines and newspapers. Naomi Shihab Nye chose my poem, Said Unsaid (still unpublished)for a Geneva Writers’ Group Literary Prize in 2017, and my work has been featured by Global/National Poetry Writing Month (GloPoWRiMo/NaPoWriMo) three times. BA, Goucher College — MA, Middlebury College

I welcome your comments. I really do. So, if you care to share, please feel free!

Warm wishes,

Elizabeth Hornor Boquet

PS I have written, and hold all rights to, every poem and essay on this blog  — but I’m usually happy to share. Just ask.