Pernessy Poetry Workshops

Our next workshop will take place Thursday afternoon 5 March 2020 at BooksBooksBooks in Lausanne 13:30 – 15:30. For logistics, if you would like to attend, please email me:

Started in 2014, the Pernessy Poets bring together English-language poets from a variety of cultures and countries. It is a non-profit group open to all who wish to develop their poetry skills in an encouraging and supportive environment. Meetings are held monthly at Lausanne’s favorite English bookstore, BooksBooksBooks. (

The group is open to budding and published writers. So, if you have a favorite poem you’d like to share and discuss, or are wishing for some feedback on your own poetry, or would like to get your ink flowing via some prompts, we’d like to meet you. Our meetings unfold according to participants’ wishes and wants when possible. Please bring one of the following (or more, in case time allows):

*a poem of your own for critiquing (It’s a good idea to bring copies for feedback.)

* a poem to share and discuss, by you or by a favorite poet

* a poetry prompt that takes less than 15 minutes from explanation to execution

If you come with nothing — especially the first time — we’ll still be happy to see you. Just remember, the meetings are what we make them. For logistics and photocopies, it would help if you could please send me an email that you intend to join us:

PernessyPoetsBBBA gaggle of  Pernessy Poets squeezing together for a selfie in the cubby at BooksBooksBooks, Lausanne, Switzerland