State of Grace

“State of Grace” was first published in  Offshoots 14 – Writing from Geneva (2017). The poem and my process for writing it were featured by National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) in April 2017.

State of Grace

It’s a bit like

that moment when you’re asleep but realize someone is
on the fire-escape trying to open your window
and you hear them freeze just before they jump off and run away

or when

your due date has passed and, while setting the table, your back muscles
decide to rise and finger their way forward, `round your ribs and
grip each other over your belly for that first whopping contraction,

or like that dripping August afternoon

in West Virginia when you were sweating out a game of checkers
on the front porch with Grandpa and you saw a way to beat him,
but couldn’t stand the thought of him losing so you goofed on purpose.

Yes, it’s like that, only this time, when it hits you,

it lowers your shoulders and drops your head because you’ve been up all night sorting out fifty years of stuff from your parents’ basement and you remember
where you hid that purple starred sparkly marble from your brother after that fight

and you know exactly what to do —

you make your way to the defunct freezer, fingertip the metal ice cube tray
still on the top shelf to the left where it’s always been and you feel for it —
tangible proof the past can become forgivably present

and you clasp that last piece of a smooth rounded past

in the palm of your hand and head for the stairs leading to the kitchen where you know your brother is sitting in his old spot at the table just staring into his old bowl of cold oatmeal he never eats and you plop that marble right into the thick of it.

by Elizabeth Boquet

8 thoughts on “State of Grace

  1. So many wonderful lines! Here are some of my favorites:
    –the vivid “…your back muscles decide to rise and finger their way forward…”;
    –the child’s wisdom in “…couldn’t stand the thought of him losing…”;
    –the memorable “…tangible proof the past can become forgivably present…”;
    –not to mention how satisfactory that “…plop… right into the thick of it” sounds!

  2. You’ve given us some amazing images here. Well done . I also like those lines that clayandbranches mentioned. I found you because you wrote on my blog and I’m happy I did. I would like to know how you found me. It’s a wonder to me how many people just seem to happen upon my writing – over 40,000 visits to date.

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