In Retrospect

April 28
Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge: “…draft a prose poem in the form/style of a postcard.”


In Retrospect

Dear Memory,
Wish you were here, but you deserve a good break; I work you hard, these middle-aged days. Hope I didn’t scare you away with my frequent trips to the laundry room for no apparent reason. Still no sign of my keys or glasses. Hope you come back soon. Before I forget, could you please remember to remind me how Aunt Avis made that salt-rising bread, and if that Chevy on the farm was navy, or more of a royal blue? Cannot seem to color in those simple black and white summer times at Grandma’s anymore; when I try, my thoughts flutter-scatter, like all those moths on her back porch, come nightfall, when she’d shut off the spotlight so we could catch lightning bugs. Maybe you, like those moths – and, probably, the poor lightning bugs — prefer to keep to yourself at night? The occasional spotlight is irresistible, isn’t it? But we all need our sleep. I get it. Just come back. I’ll leave the light off.

by Elizabeth Boquet, April 2018

11 thoughts on “In Retrospect

  1. Jim’s in from the garage where he’s been looking for license plates. He heard ‘in Retrospect’ read and smiled knowingly, as memory is dear indeed.

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