Stupid Tulips

April 12
NaPoWriMo’s prompt: “Today, we’d like to challenge you specifically to write a haibun that takes in the natural landscape of the place you live.”

 Stupid Tulips

It’s spring and my garden’s out of control. This could be Vegas, for all the golden dandelion nuggets! The cherry trees’ grand opening is complete now, with blossom confetti all over the place. Crow solos and twerking woodpeckers blast birdsong beats at all hours. I wish the wisteria would loosen up a bit; such a bunch of wallflowers! Then again, it cannot be much fun hanging around those rosebud debutantes who stand like sticks in the mud beneath the old birches with their stubborn leaves from last autumn’s perches. The weeds feel a need to show off and do their push-ups wherever they want. I think it’s to impress the tulips who, usually, close up at night.

This morning
the entire garden’s hungover.
The stupid tulips
stayed open all night long, let themselves
be used for shots of spring rain drops
over and over.

This time
I’m going to leave them
right there in the mud.
Every Spring
it’s the same old story.
I just hope they had a good time.

 Written by Elizabeth Boquet, April 2018

9 thoughts on “Stupid Tulips

  1. Our back yard tulips are still buried in snow. Do they still remain to be seen — that’s what we want to know. So enjoyed your tulip poem and look forward to seeing more.

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  2. ‘The entire garden’s hungover.’ That image is going to stick in my brain for a long time, the entire poem is utterly delightful (grass impresses tulips! Now I know why my basil might be dying…) Stupid tulips indeed, but I looooooove tulips. Unfortunately I can’t grow them here; visiting the Tulip Garden in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden 2 years ago was practically cream for cats to me!

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    1. I hear you! I’m a tulip lover, as well — and, therefore, hesitated with the sarcastic title. I was trying to portray how they look when they’re past their prime, about to drop their petals.


      1. They really DO look hungover when they’re about to drop their petals, that’s such an evocative image. I think I just about went mad with joy when I saw all the frilled and double-petaled beauties in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. PARROT TULIPS. There’s such a thing! I think I could be happy with just a garden of tulips and herbs, but unfortunately our weather here allows for (some) herbs but not tulips. It’s cooler in the highlands, and you can grow just about everything there, including flowers and citrus fruit and apparently apples, but that alas, does not extend to us here in the Klang valley!

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  3. Such lovely links between different realities, causing multiple smiles. Love specially: The cherry trees’ grand opening … with blossom confetti all over the place. Crow solos ….blast birdsong beats. And your personalizing the wisteria and the tulips, such fun!

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