That Door

April 8
NaPoWriMo prompt: “… describe an event that can’t be understood literally…” There are scientific explanations for Alzheimer’s literal effect on the brain; none, that I know of, begins to describe the horror such extinction of thought wreaks on its victims and their loved ones.

That Door

you are lyrics without music now
betting there’s something more
just beyond that door

that door that separates
the music from your lyrics
that separates you
from us
from the other side

where you stood tall
not so long ago
I love you, a bushel and a peck

until you stumbled
through that door and
the music stopped

musical chairs for one
you took a permanent seat

vague refrains swirl
wrap and whirl around your brain
you squeeze your eyes closed
strain to imagine what remains
on the other side

that door

you asked me about it
I wonder what’s on the other side…
and I lied to you
that I didn’t know the code
that I thought you might like to join the Bingo

and I walked out that door
left you
searching for the music
with pyrrhic lyrics

nobody jitterbugs anymore


Written by Elizabeth Boquet, April 2018

3 thoughts on “That Door

  1. This captures so beautifully and poignantly how it feels when a loved one…goes through the door. My grandfather developed dementia; it came slowly and overtook him in waves, little ones at first, then big ones later, and it was hard to watch him try to remember his own family whenever we visited.

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