Band Lands

3 April
Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was inspired by Peter Davis’ latest book rooted in endlessly writing ideas for band names: create band names in a list poem.
I rarely remember the names of bands and stand corrected regularly.

 If Charlotte’s Web were a land of bands, you might get tickets to:

Spider Spatter and the Deaf Bee
Hay Rage
Riot in the Hay
Twilight of the Hay Gods
Chicken & Egg & Egg & Chicken (First billing unresolved)
The Smashed Radishes
The Poached Pickles
The Bloated Goats
Goatsica, Catsica, Cowsica, Horsica…

If The Wizard of Oz were a land of bands, you might get tickets to:

Glinda & Gulch
The Yellow Bricks (They have quite a following.)
Toto and the Lollipop Guild
Nikko and the Winged Monkeys
Kansas (Taken, huh?)
Henry & Em
Professor Marvel and the Humbugs
The Sycamore Psychos (I know. I know they were apple trees…)

Yes. We all know the apple trees flung their apples.
But just what does that truth sound like?
Try it on your tongue:  Apple Psychos
Now. Think of what those Apple Psychos looked like.
(If you don’t remember, here it is.)
Nightmare, right?

I was hoping to spare you
that childhood scene of yours and mine and
all the Brownies in Troop 237 in Pelham, NH

but you just had to correct me,
didn’t you?
So there.


Written by Elizabeth Boquet, April 2018

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