Necessary Fiction

These two flashes were published on Necessary Fiction where I was the writer in residence 24 September 2012.


Good Neighbor

Only in our daily phone routine do my neighbor and I punctuate strict silence.

“What?!” he barks, after the fifth ring of my third try.

“Never mind!” I say.

We hang up.

He’s still alive.


Pillow Fight

“Oh come on, Mom! What difference does it make if he spends the night? You think I’m still a virgin? At eighteen?”

“It’s my house.”

“I live there.”

“Under my roof, my rules.”

“My body, my rules.”

“Your body, your baby.”

“I know how to protect myself.”

As we glide into the mountain tunnel, lane-lines pound out their familiar beat into our headlights. She doesn’t think to remove her Ray Bans.







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