Everyday Haiku

Everyday Haiku, An Anthology is a collection of modern “everyday” haiku by thirty-three writers who spent all of 2014 writing one haiku a day and sharing them in an online group called The Haiku Room. Available at Wandering Muse Press. Here are a few of mine that appear throughout the book:

swiss snowflakes don’t fall
they alight on chosen sites
divine precision

it’s a bit like this —
stray thoughts wrap around my brain
squeeze out poetry

cows bow for thick licks
silver frosted field at dawn
grass popsicle treats

lounging on chaise longue
spring’s tender warmth envelops
growing going on

spring birds twerp off key
winter’s monotone silence
requires tuning

garden’s hung over
stupid tulips stayed open
all night rain drop shots

pitter patter quench
mud rows cup deep steeping wet
spring sips its field tea

forecast’s blunder slipped
mistook rain’s claim on the day
mist took advantage

forsythia star
light shooting through the bleakness
make a wish for spring

waves fold sea to shore —
shore to sea — smooth blue creases
liquid ironing

our liquid lips sipped
each other for that first kiss
we remain unquenched

wishes liquefied
she poured hope to dull edges
in the wineglasses

kitchen wreckage states
last night’s sworn testament in
dinner party dregs

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